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All about Scott T. Petersen and his career as an Animator and Teacher

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lesson 1: The Essential Basics

New on DVD... Animation and Drawing Excellence
by Scott T. Petersen
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In this 90 min. video you can Learn to Draw and Animate from Professional animator Scott T. Petersen.    Scott is an animator and studio owner who has worked for several Hollywood studios including, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal, Columbia/Tri-star and several foreign companies. In addition he has taught animation and drawing at the California institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), in Valencia California for four years and later at BYU in Provo Utah. Before starting Golden Street Animation Productions, he worked with Toon City in Manila. Originally sent there by Walt Disney studios, he has supervised and trained thousands of artists and became head of training and artist development. He has become an expert on overseas productions and has supervised in Japan, Taiwan/Republic of China, the Philippines, and Mexico as of this writing.  Scott is known for his enthusiasm for the art of high quality animation and his ability to teach the principles of drawing and animation in a very clear and easy to understand fashion.

In this lesson, “The Essential Basics” Scott teaches the basic fundamentals of Movement and the art of the 15 to 30 second gesture.  The following topics are covered there in…

·         Foundational Philosophy for Animators and necessary equipment
·         Basics in Movement: (Timing and spacing, following arcs, squash and stretch, & maintaining volumes)
·         Basics in Gesture and figure drawing
·         “Flipping”
·         Animation and drawing assignments are given.
·         Bonus footage of figure models (male and female) to draw from.

In addition to this DVD series, Golden Street Animation offers online mentoring for those who want to do the assignments on this DVD and send them in for Scott or other qualified professionals to review.

Note: Receive up to 50% off on Digicel flipbook with the purchase of this DVD.

To pre-order: call (801) 374-3394 to purchase with a credit card over the phone.  Or you can send a check for


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